Your Host

Welcome to the Lighthouse View Motel

My wife and I have been in the hotel business for over twenty years. Prior to the purchase of the Lighthouse View Motel we owned and operated several award winning franchised hotels throughout Wisconsin and South Dakota.

The first time we visited the Mackinaw City area was during a family camping trip in the fall of 2015. We fell in love with the area's natural beauty and simplicity. We both agreed what a wonderful place for us to raise our son TJ.

In the spring of 2016 we heard that the Lighthouse View Motel was for sale. We immediately made an offer and once accepted, sold our other remaining properties.

We closed on the Lighthouse View Motel August 29th, 2016. Many of you that have been staying here for years knew the previous owners, Rick and Melanie Kelso. They always did a wonderful job keeping the motel clean and in good repair. This made our job much easier but as with all properties renovations are inevitable. We replaced all carpets, beds, televisions, art work, door locks, hair dryers alarm clocks and upgraded the guest Wi-Fi system.

The move to Mackinaw City has turned out to be a blessing for us in so many ways both personally and professionally. This is mainly because of you, our wonderful guest. We have been honored to personally have had the opportunity to meet and welcome so many of you to our beautiful motel.

Thank you.

Terry, Marivic and TJ